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The Perception Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit founded by Suzy Khrom and Elizabeth Burton in Los Angeles, CA. Our mission is to serve our local community by creating connections between survivors of various forms of abuse, trauma, and mental illness with artists aimed at reducing the stigma of this collective plight, empowering those who have suffered from it, and providing a safe and encouraging space for both groups, as well as for the larger community.

This organization aims to support local artists by providing a platform to showcase work through events and exhibits. We devote our creative platform towards promoting mental health awareness, maximizing community partnerships, involvement in the local community, providing meaningful work experience, and above all encouraging a shift towards positive perspective.

Our Sponsors
Exhibitions and Art Shows
The generous support from our sponsors enables The Perception Project to thrive, and allows us to continue our efforts in injecting positive, creative change into the community.

For sponsorship inquiries, please email info@theperceptionproject.org
Our Team

Suzy Khrom
Suzy's passion for artistic expression influenced the coordination of creative meetings which gave participants an opportunity to collaborate on artworks that promoted healing and self-realization. This drive and sense of organization culminated into co-founding The Perception Project.
Elizabeth Burton
An artist, and aspiring art conservator, Elizabeth is a kind soul that embraces the positive impact of creativity. Experience with trauma survivors motivates her to dedicate efforts towards inspiring and empowering people in need.

Our Events
Exhibitions and Art Shows
The Perception Project fosters a creative avenue to help survivors cope with trauma in promoting positive self- realizations through artist/muse collaborations. These collaborations are featured through a series of exhibitions and curated events.
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